A. Plenary Lecture
  1. Improving Efficiency of Laboratory Testing in Universal Health Care Coverage Era
    • BPJS Healthcare Coverage of Laboratory Testing
    • Clinical Laboratories Strategy in BPJS Healthcare
  2. Laboratory Diagnosis and Consultation on Patient Practice
    • Clinical Pathologist Consultation in Cardiovaskular Disease
    • Role of Clinical Pathologist in Integrative Medicine

B. Meet the Expert
  1. Update in Hepatitis
    • Update in Screening and Corfirmatory Testing for Hepatitis
    • Update in Hepatitis Testing and HCC Surveillance with PIVKA-II
  2. Update on Diagnosis and Managemen of Myeloproliferative Neoplasm
    • Diagnostic Criteria of Policytemia Vera
    • Optimizing the use of hematology analyzer for detecting hematology malignancy in daily practice
    • Update of CML management and role of laboratory in therapy monitoring
  3. Universal Health Access and Clinical Laboratories
    • The Role of Laboratory in Universal Health Access
    • Renumeration and Laboratory Service Fees of Government Hospital in Universal Health Access Era

Symposium Session
  1. Role of Clinical Pathologist and Laboratory for Controlling MDRO Spread
    • Laboratory Test for Multidrug Resistant Organisms
    • Antibiotic Choice for MDRO
    • Infection prevention MDRO
  2. Point-of-Care Testing
    • The Role of POCT on Emergency/Intensive Care Patient
    • POCT Management In The Hospital
    • Mangement POCT In The Primary Health Care
  3. Update on PSA and Prostate Cancer Screening Guideline 2017.
    • Comprehesive Laboratory Tests for Prostat Cancer
    • IsoPSA: New Prostate Cancer Biomarker
    • Update Guideline 2017: PSA for Prostate Screening
  4. An Advance of Laboratory Hematology.
    • Update Hematologic Parameter: Immature Platelet Fraction
    • Establishing Reference Intervals for Coagulation Testing
    • Implementation Clot Wave Form Analysis in Practical Practice
  5. Haemovigilance Systems to Improve the Quality of Blood Transfusion
    • Haemovigilance System Reasons and Aims
    • Role of Hospital Blood Bank to Resolve Transfusion Cases Experience of RSUD Ketapang
    • How to Analyze & Present Haemovigilance Data ?
  6. Evaluation and Effective Implementation of Laboratory Information System
    • Standardization of Laboratory Information Systems
    • Optimization of Laboratory Information Systems
    • Problem in implementing LIS
  7. Pediatric Laboratory
    • Inborn error metabolism
    • Setting Laboratory Reference Range for Pediatric
    • Preanalitycal phase in pediatric laboratory
  8. New 2017 Diabetes Guideline in Medical Care
    • New ADA 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes
    • Laboratory test for Diabetes Mellitus Complication
    • Update Diagnosis and Monitoring Diabetes: Laboratory Studies