1. Malaria Update: Diagnostic Testing and Interpretation
    • Malaria Diagnostic Testing
    • Preparation of Thick and Thin Blood Films
    • Species Identification and Malaria Counting Report
    • Hands on Preparation of Blood Films
    • Hands on Species Identification and Report
  2. Practical Application of Lean-Six Sigma Management in Clinical Laboratories
    • Principle of Lean-Six Sigma Management in Laboratory
    • Implementation of Lean-Six Sigma Management in Clinical Laboratories
    • Purchasing Management: Enhancing the Purchase Decision Beyond Just Price
    • Six-Sigma Management System to Improve Quality of Medical Laboratory and Achieve Cost Saving
    • Interactive case study and Practice
  3. LaboratoryAccreditation
    • Preparation of Accreditation
    • Management Requirements and Quality Program
    • Preparation of technical requirements
    • Management of Critical Values
    • Practice of Making Quality Indicators
  4. How to Build Microbiology Laboratory
    • Pra Analytical Blood Culture
    • Automated Blood Culture Systems & Interpretation
    • Preparation for Establishing Microbiology Laboratories at Various Levels of Healthcare Facilities
    • Interactive Case Studies
  5. Key to Morphology Evaluation of Peripheral Blood Smear
    • Quality requirement for morphology evaluation
    • Systematic evaluation of morphology
    • Morphology evaluation & expertise
    • ICSH guideline for peripheral blood smear reporting
    • Morphology evaluation & expertise practice